Based in the County of Haliburton (Haliburton Highlands) in central eastern Ontario, the Communities in Action (CIA) Committee was formed in 2004 to create healthy, active communities by:
  • Promoting the benefits of active transportation
  • Advocating for policies and investments that will lead to communities that are designed to support and encourage active transportation
  • Doing research in order to develop an evidence-base for rural active transportation planning and implementation
  • Developing partnerships with multiple sectors in order to build knowledge and capacity around active transportation
The CIA is a coalition made up of individuals representing groups that contribute to creating healthy, active communities. These groups include:

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The Haliburton Highlands are well-known for beautiful landscape that includes plentiful lakes, forest and rolling terrain. The year-round population of about 16,000 grows to three times that in the summer with the arrival cottagers and summer camps. Though rooted in resource-based industries such as forestry, tourism is quickly becoming a primary economic driver.
The Highlands are a great place to live, work, learn and play, in all four seasons! For more information visit