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Share The Road Sign ImageThe CIA is engaged in other activities to advocate for healthy, active communities. Creating these supportive environments requires change at the policy level, and so the CIA has been participating in reviews of county and municipal official plans. As of 2013, we are pleased that the county and four municipal official plans all now include policies that speak to active transportation, healthy communities, walking and cycling. 

Take a look at the amended official plans:

County of Haliburton (amended 2010)

Municipality of Dysart et al. (amended 2010)

Township of Algonquin Highlands (amended 2011)

Municipality of Highlands East (amended 2012)

Township of Minden Hills (amended 2013)

Key Message

A healthy, active community is a place where there are opportunities and places for people of all ages and abilities to be physically active. It is a healthy place to live, visit, work, learn and play.

A healthy, active community has…

  • safe routes, places and spaces for walking and cycling
  • places for people to gather, such as parks and other outdoor community spaces
  • good lighting, signage and other things that make a community safe and comfortable to get around in (e.g. benches, water fountains, public washrooms, garbage cans, etc)
  • sport and recreation facilities and opportunities

Investing in a healthy, active community encourages…

  • more visitors
  • healthier people
  • economic vitality
  • cleaner and safer environment