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The CIA conducted research during 2005- 06, and in 2009 completed a comprehensive Active Transportation Plan, which was presented to Dysart et al council. The AT Plan has since been referenced in Dysart's amended official plan. A “Walk, Bike and Be Active” map was created, as well as 5 large signs throughout Haliburton Village. The purpose of the maps and signs was to encourage people to park and then walk… to “Park the Car and Get Movin’”!

The Haliburton Active Transportation Plan was updated in 2014. Click here to view the 2014 Addendum.

Click here for a PDF version of the Walk Bike and Be Active map.

The Municipality of Dysart et al has made big investments to make Haliburton a more walkable community. Some examples:

York St, before


York St, After Streetscape Project completed, 2011