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July 11, 2014

We've been on the road this spring and summer! In April, we presented in Kelowna, BC at the Rural Health Services Research Conference. It was a great event, with an engaged and interested audience in a beautiful location! In May, we presented at the Healthy Communities Conference in Owen Sound, and at the Eastern Ontario Active Transportation Summit in Almonte (link to presentation). And in June we were at the Quinte Bike Summit in Belleville.

In 2013, we conducted walkability audits and hosted community forums in Haliburton and Minden. There has been a lot accomplished to improve conditions for active transportation in both of these villages and around the county. The purpose of these events was to get community input on what challenges still exist, and how to address them. We worked with Green Communities Canada to produce reports that compile the information gathered, and provide ideas for next steps.


February 12, 2014 Evaluation Final Report is Published!

We are very pleased to share the final report from our research and evaluation strategy, which was conducted in 2011 and 2012. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the contribution of the CIA's activities on changes to active transportation activity, policy and infrastructure between 2005 and 2012. The report concludes that our activities have indeed contributed, and that we are viewed by our municipal partners as important resources when it comes to active transportation planning. You can get an overview of the evaluation process and findings in the Executive Summary. Or, you can download the full report, entitled "Seven Years Later: Evaluating Impact on Active Transportation in Haliburton County". Happy reading!


November 27, 2013 - CIA Evaluation

The CIA evaluation is complete! We are putting the final touches in the report, and will post when it is complete. In the meantime, this is a poster presentation that was shared at the recent HCLink conference.

We have presented results of the evaluation this fall at the Ontario East Municipal Conference in Kingston, and at the Peterborough Bike Summit. View our Peterborough presentation here. And we are very excited to have just been invited to speak and facilitate a workshop at the 2014 Rural Health Services Research Conference in Kelowna, BC next April! There is more and more interest in planning for active transportation in small, rural communities, and we are pleased to contribute to a growing body of evidence.


April 8, 2013 - An Overdue update!

Time does fly! Although it's been a while since our last update, the CIA has been very busy! Most recent news is listed first.

Kate Hall and Sue Shikaze are doing a webinar on Wed. April 10, 12 - 1 pm. The presentation will highlight results of the evaluation strategy that the CIA has been doing over the past year and a half. Registration information is available at http://webinars.cullbridge.com/shop/social-marketing-cbsm-case-studies.html The CIA was designated a Landmark Case Study in Sustainable Transportation by Tools of Change. This webinar is part of this case study. We are very proud of this recognition! The full case study is still in progress and describes our work in detail. http://www.toolsofchange.com/en/case-studies/detail/661

Speaking of our evaluation strategy, the final report will be completed shortly. We hope that the findings will be of use to other rural communities who want to encourage more active transportation. If you want more information on what we evaluated and how, please contact Sue Shikaze at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The CIA also participated as a case study in a national CLASP project (Coalitions Linking Action and Science for Prevention) on using a healthy communities approach to address determinants of health.

We expanded our active transportation work into Dorset in 2012. We worked with the Algonquin Community Development Co-operative and did observation counts, a survey and community forums, to get input on the assets and challenges for getting around actively in Dorset. A Walk, Bike and Be Active in Dorset map and signs will be available for the summer of 2013.

We've been sharing the work of the CIA to a wide range of audiences and in 2012 presented at: The ACT Canada Sustainable Mobility Summit, Complete Streets Forum and Ontario Bike Summit, as well as doing webinars for the Heart and Stroke Foundation and Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition.


July 5, 2011 - Healthy Active Communities Report 2011

The second edition of the Healthy Active Communities Report for Haliburton County is complete. The report gives a summary of what the community said about priorities for making our community a healthier place to live, work, learn and play. There is a short two-page version and a longer four-page version that provides more detail.


May 2, 2011 - New Report from 8-80 Cities

The organization 8-80 Cities came to Haliburton and Minden in September 2010 and facilitated two community forums. Internationally renowned speaker Gil Penalosa spoke about the health, economic, social and environmental benefits of creating healthy, active communities. While he was here, he and his team also had the opportunity to explore some of our great trails - Minden Riverwalk and the Sculpture Forest Trail. They've created a full report based on a survey filled out by forum participants, background information, and their observations. Click here to download a pdf of the full Healthy, Active Communities Forum report.


November 15, 2010 - Haliburton and Minden win Award!!!

Haliburton and Minden have been awarded an Ontario Walkability Award of Excellence! This brand new award is given by Green Communities Canada, and acknowledges the work of the communities to create a more walkable community through programs, infrastructure, and promotion.

There are exciting changes taking place in both Haliburton and Minden! In Haliburton, the York St. streetscape project is almost complete, with a transformation that will make it much more pedestrian friendly, safe and aesthetic. The revitalization of the cenotaph area creates a wonderful new public space. In Minden, the Riverwalk Trail is almost complete. It is now completely lit with pedestrian scale lighting - perfect for walking as the days get shorter. A second pedestrian bridge was completed this summer to cross a creek. Plans are in development for a boardwalk trail that will link Riverwalk to the Minden Hills Cultural Centre.

Congratulations to both Minden Hills and Dysart et al, as well as to all the other partners who have contributed to making Minden and Haliburton more walkable communities!


August 23, 2010

The Communities in Action Committee has created a Healthy Active Communities Report, which describes all the ways that various groups and organizations in Haliburton County are working to create a community where people can be active and access healthy food.

Take a look at the report here.


July 14, 2010 - Take the Pledge!

Green Communities, through its new iCANwalk campaign, invites individuals to sign up online to pledge to replace car trips with active transportation. The pledge is for a month period. You submit your trips and the savings in greenhouse gas emissions are calculated automatically. And, there are prizes to be won!  Find out more at www.icanwalk.ca

Using active transportation is good for your health, the environment and your wallet!


Kate Hall and Sue Shikaze recently presented at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Sustainable Communities Conference in Ottawa, ON, February 12, 2010. The workshop was entitled "Sustainable Transportation in Small, Rural Communities", and Sue and Kate highlighted the cycling and active transportation planning that has taken place in Haliburton County. The audience was mostly municipal staff and decision makers, and they were quite interested in hearing about our efforts and successes!


The CIA has received a grant from the Healthy Communities Ontario Fund through the Ministry of Health Promotion. Funds from this grant will be used to conduct a survey of groups in the county whose work contributes to creating a healthy active community. A report will be developed and distributed to highlight accomplishments...and show what great capacity exists in Haliburton County!

Also, a community event will be held later in 2010 that highlights the benefits of creating healthy active communities. A second report will be done in 2011.